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Junior Woman's Club Members
Transfer to the
Woman's Club of Fort Worth
after turning 40.

Transfer Process
JWC members transferring to WC will need to reach out to the Woman’s Club VP of Membership. The transfer process is simple as all JWC members are also WC members.  While you can transfer completely at age 40, you can join certain clubs/departments at the Woman's Club while you are still a member of the Junior Woman's Club!
Application Process
Applicants wishing to join WC will reach out to the Woman’s Club VP of Membership to apply for membership. All applicants need two sponsor letters. Once the letters are received the WC Membership chair will reach out to set an interview time. Interviews are typically held the Woman’s Club and come with a tour of the facilities.
Dues are $300.00 per year, must be paid by May 1st and are considered delinquent as of June
They can be paid in full or in two installments of $155.00, which includes a $5.00 service fee per installment. Installments are due on May 1st and November 1st.  Annual Dues notices go out in March every Club year.
The business office accepts payments and Ashley Harris will give you a yearbook and binder when membership is paid.  Cash or Check only.
Abigail Flack - - Excursions
Andrea Lake - - CAD/ENC
Becky Moroneso - - Junior Newby
Brandie Barton - - ENC/NOU
Carrie Morris - - Junior Newby
Christy Dyer - - Excursions
Christy Mixon - - Excursions
Liliana Acosta - - ENC/VIR
Mary Beth Zimmermann - - Encore
Michelle Lowery - - Encore
Robyn Rogers - - Virtuoso
Regan Boxwell Cruz - - Spech Drama
Tracie Kenan Perkins - - Encore

JWC members are welcome to join any of the departments that the Woman's Club has without benefit of invitation with the exception of the Art Department and Language Department as these classes are taught in two semesters and you have to register and pay tuition for the instructors.
The following 4 clubs have limited membership spaces for JWC members. Check with the presidents about open spaces.

About the Vine
All About Town

Unlimited Membership Club: 
Etta Newby Club
Bridge Counsel
CHHiks to Lunch
Creative Writing
Good Books! Good Friends!

Living Beautiful
Mah Jongg
Night Newbys
Rockettes Tap
Stage Struck
Wednesday Night Bridge

Woman's Club President
Nora Bender

The Woman’s Club is open Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.
1316 Pennsylvania Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104