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I Joined JWC, Now What?

Choose a group!

JWC has 11 groups. The personalities of each group and its focus of study make every JWC group unique. Some of the groups are focused on specific topics, and some are more general interest groups. Some meet once a month and others meet twice. It is important to discover which group best suits your needs, interests, and available time. JWC is a place to learn, grow and have fun! View Explore Groups to learn more!


When do I choose?

Now! Once you become a member, you are able to join a group(s). We want you to be involved from the very beginning with group opening dinners, meetings, and socials and ensure you have a spot on an official roster. Groups will fill up, but they also will have a waiting list in case a spot opens during the year. Worried you're making the right choice? Don't! Once you declare a group you are still able to visit other group socials and meetings to check them out during the year in case you want to add additional groups or even switch (as long as they have room). Just be sure the groups you are interested in do not meet on the same night, as you cannot be in two groups that meet simultaneously.


Whom do I need to contact to join a group?

In order to join a group, contact their membership VP (contact information is available on the Explore Groups page above). If you have not heard back from them, contact the JWC 1st VP of Membership at


What does “Waiting List Only” mean?

If a group membership is full, you can be added to their waiting list but cannot join the group as an active member. Do not let that discourage you. Membership can change a great deal throughout the year. If you are on a group’s waiting list, you may become a member within the club year or the following summer. In the meantime, you have an opportunity to make new friends by joining a different group. Who knows, you may even choose to stay there! The wonderful thing about JWC is that you cannot go wrong with any group you choose. There are 11 different groups filled with great women.


What if I want to join a different/additional group once meetings begin?

To visit a group, contact the Group’s President or Membership VP, and tell her you’re interested in visiting the next meeting as a guest. She will know the best time to come and the meeting location. Most group meetings are open to JWC members. You are welcome to visit as many of the groups as you wish and join as many groups that have openings, and that don’t have conflicting meeting times.


How do I keep track of everything going on?

It is up to you to make sure we have your current contact information. Check your directory page on the website and be sure to update it with changes in phone number, email address, etc. Also, please notify your group’s Membership VP of these changes so she may update the group roster. Our club sends out numerous emails, and you do not want to miss any of them. If you are not receiving emails, please check your “junk mail.” Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @jwcfw1926. 
You are also able to view current club-wide events and group events under 'What's Happening Page'.  In addition, you can also view it under your specific group page under the tab that says 'Events'. 


How will I get the most out of my JWC membership?

Attend JWC club-wide events and activities! The best way to meet JWC members and have a lot of fun is by attending club-wide events and activities. Guests are welcome to most JWC functions. Your sponsor or group president can provide dates, times, places, and ticket information. Also, watch your email – invitations and information will be coming to your inbox.


If you want to take your JWC membership to the next level, become involved in JWC committees. We have three committees which include: Ways & Means, Social and Community Action. Every group includes a representative from each committee. A list of Executive and Standing Committee contacts is available on JWC’s website and in your handbook. Simply call or email the committee chair in your group and get involved right away! You do not need any experience to be involved with a committee or to help with an event.


Tell me about dues.

There are club-wide and group dues. If you are a new member, you have already paid your club-wide dues ($200/year). Each year, club-wide dues must be paid by midnight on May 31st. Don’t worry; you will receive email reminders in the spring. You’ll simply log onto the website, renew your membership and pay online (or renew online and send in a check). It is a two-step process when renewing! Group dues, generally $35 or $40, are due whenever its bylaws stipulate, but no later than December 1st. Group dues are paid by cash or check directly to the groups – not through the JWC website. JWC dues only pay part of the cost to run the club. We host a number of “Ways and Means” projects and events throughout the year to raise money. It’s financially necessary for us to ask members to pay for optional things like t-shirts, event tickets and donations to Community Action projects. Please do not feel pressured to buy absolutely everything, we know that activities can add up!

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