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About Us

The Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth, a club of The Woman's Club of Fort Worth, was founded in 1926 to provide young women an avenue to learn and develop different skill sets. 

Today, this still rings true as JWC offers 10 different groups for women aged 21-40 with a desire for new friendships, personal growth and leadership opportunities, engaging events and more. As a 501(c)(4) organization, The Junior Woman's Club also offers various volunteer and service opportunities within the Fort Worth community.

The Benefits of Joining JWC 

Whether you just moved to Fort Worth and are searching for community, or you're local to the area and are wanting to try something new, we've got something for everyone!


Our members enjoy a special sense of community by connecting with women from all walks of life. Recently relocated to FW? Newly engaged? Fresh out of college? JWC is the place for you!


Being a part of a social club offers consistency and something positive to look forward to! Most of our groups meet weekly, with some meeting twice a month. Club-wide events are also mixed in, creating a calendar full of social opportunities.

Community involvement

JWC partners with different charity organizations in the Fort Worth area to give back to our community. We offer  varirous volunteer events and donation opportunities throughout the club year.

Get Involved in the Community

Our Community Action VP is hard at work finding opportunities for JWC to give back to our community. Some of our favorite past events include a coat drive for elementary schools in Fort Worth, dog adoptions and raising money for local animal shelters, donating feminine supplies to those in need, and many others!

Once you join, you'll be connected to a network of women who love giving back to Fort Worth in a multitude of ways.

Socialize with Like-Minded Women

All work and no play makes Jill a dull gal! When we aren't giving back to Fort Worth, we love to get our groove on! Some of our past club-wide social events have included a Rocky Horror Halloween party, a guided ghost tour in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, Chili Cook-Off, an Oscars-worthy formal gala, and even a boots and bling shindig complete with a mechanical bull! If these sound great, just wait until you join a group and learn about their awesome programs throughout the club year. Some groups have done pole dancing lessons, a Galentine's Day party, attended the Rodeo in their best boots and Western wear, tasted custom cocktails at local distilleries, and walked the trails along the Trinity. We can't wait to share this and more with you!



  • Who are we?
    Founded in 1926, JWC is a dynamic club of up to 450 women under the age of 40 who come together for fun, friendship and the study of various disciplines: from culinary arts and drama to wellness and parenting. We are a club of The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth.
  • What do we do?
    Members can join one or more of 11 groups within the Club that meet at least once a month for everything from a wine-tasting class to a stockbroker's seminar. On a club-wide level, we hold events including a softball tournament, a fundraising golf tournament, a spring musical, a shopping bazaar, an Easter tea for the kiddos, and a formal and informal party for members - just to name a few. And of course, JWC gives back to the greater Fort Worth community by participating in meaningful community action projects and awarding community scholarships.
  • Who can join?
    If you are a woman in the Metroplex who's between the ages of 21 and 39, you can join JWC! We are a diverse group of women who are single, married, mothers, work from home, work from an office, teach, have our own businesses, or are fresh out of college. We'd love to talk to you about membership!
  • How can I learn more?
    Take some time to look around the JWC website and learn more about the Club, our groups, activities and mission. Feel free to browse our calendar and read our newsletter. Then click on "Join Us!" and download a membership application. For more information about membership requirements and dues, contact our 1st Vice President of Membership at
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