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The Junior Woman's Club operates out of our Historic Fort Worth house which was built in 1905. Up until 1953, The Woman's Club of Fort Worth and JWC shared a building for their meetings and functions. The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth acquired the Robertson-Mueller-Harper Funeral Home in 1949, for $125,000 to be the new home of the Junior Woman’s Club. You read that right: We used to be a funeral home!


The building was the eighth unit of The Woman’s Club, which now holds the entire 1300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Our building was named Margaret Meacham Hall in honor of Mrs. H.C. Meacham, a charter member of The Woman’s Club and one of the five women who helped to organize the Junior Woman’s Club.  Mr. & Mrs. Amon G. Carter (Minnie Meacham Carter) donated $50,000 towards the purchase price of our beloved home. Mrs. Amon G. Carter even donated money to buy paint for the entire block of buildings to help all of our buildings match.


In 1967 Margaret Meacham Hall was added to the Historic Home Marker.Today Margaret Meacham Hall serves as the house for many of the Junior Woman's Club group meetings as well as an event venue for the Fort Worth Community!

Photo of Junior Woman's Club House
Black and white photo of Margaret Meacham and her husband
Junior Woman's Club Margaret Meacham Hall
Map of Margaret Meacham map of building
Margaret Meacham Hall.png
Old Sketch of carriage House

Plans for the carriage house that stood where the parking lot is, in the rear of the house. The carriage house was designed by the original architect to compliment the house.


Architectural Archives

University of Texas at Austin

Photos taken by Melissa Moorman, JWC President 2008-09

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