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The Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth is an all-volunteer organization. Just like other non-profit organizations, we have a Board of Directors, consisting of our Executive Committee, Group Presidents, and Group Advisors, who manage funds, membership, social, our volunteer efforts.  The Board of Directors reports to The Woman's Club of Fort Worth. 

 Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth
Executive Committee

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Group Presidents & Advisors

These Group representatives are responsible for attending the monthly Board of Directors meetings to gather information about what has happened in the previous month and what we have coming up in future months and sharing the information with their group members.

Additionally, decisions may be made and voted on during the monthly Board of Directors meetings that impact the club.  The representatives below to be the "voices" of their groups to advocate for their position on various topics and vote accordingly.

Annie Lorenzana
Dee Dee Schwartz
Speech Drama
Becky Escher
Debbie Harris
Caroline Morales
Ruby Sellers
Allison McMahon
Pam Poteet
Shelly Weeks
Lynn Hayes
Alex Wiseman
Amy Smiley
Haley Snell
Karen Dohoney
Ashley Riemitis
Karen Abrams
Culinary Arts
Maggie Alexander
Traci Eschberger
Maggie Lindblom
Connie Bustillo
Kelsey Hearst
Julie Miers
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  • Who are we?
    Founded in 1926, JWC is a dynamic club of up to 450 women under the age of 40 who come together for fun, friendship and the study of various disciplines: from culinary arts and drama to wellness and parenting. We are a club of The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth.
  • What do we do?
    Members can join one or more of 11 groups within the Club that meet at least once a month for everything from a wine-tasting class to a stockbroker's seminar. On a club-wide level, we hold events including a softball tournament, a fundraising golf tournament, a spring musical, a shopping bazaar, an Easter tea for the kiddos, and a formal and informal party for members - just to name a few. And of course, JWC gives back to the greater Fort Worth community by participating in meaningful community action projects and awarding community scholarships.
  • Who can join?
    If you are a woman in the Metroplex who's between the ages of 21 and 39, you can join JWC! We are a diverse group of women who are single, married, mothers, work from home, work from an office, teach, have our own businesses, or are fresh out of college. We'd love to talk to you about membership!
  • How can I learn more?
    Take some time to look around the JWC website and learn more about the Club, our groups, activities and mission. Feel free to browse our calendar and read our newsletter. Then click on "Join Us!" and download a membership application. For more information about membership requirements and dues, contact our 1st Vice President of Membership at

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